Working with One Solution

Working with One Solution Building Services

At One Solution, we consider our employees, apprentices and contractors our greatest asset.

We value our people and engage them in meaningful work in line with career ambitions and provide a safe,
enjoyable, rewarding and team orientated working environment.


Subcontractors & Suppliers

We have a large base of Subcontractors and Suppliers that we have worked with for many years.
However, we are always looking in various areas around QLD and NSW to expand our supplier base.

If you are interested in working with us, please send an introductory email to:, outlining your services and areas covered. We will then send you a Registration form to be completed.
Please ensure all licences and registrations are up to date prior to applying, as we will need to check these.

Note: applications are accepted via email only



If you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship, please email a short introductory letter, together with your Resume to:

Note: applications are accepted via email only


Employment of Indigenous Workers

At One Solution Building Services Pty Ltd, we are committed to creating and extending opportunities for Aboriginal people and enterprises through various projects.

We are committed to valuing workplace diversity, incorporating Aboriginal participation as a core function in the company’s project management processes, and maintaining Aboriginal cultural awareness in the workplace.

We currently employ several permanent Aboriginal staff and they are valued members of our team.