Get Ready for Storm Season!

Prepare for storm season


Be prepared for storm season

It is always a good idea to get your home ready for summer in Australia.  The extreme weather events that we can experience including cyclones, floods and bushfires, means that we need to be prepared.

Home and Yard Maintenance

Inspect your gutters and downpipes. Keep clean and free of debris so that water can drain away quickly in a heavy downpour.

Trim trees and overhanging branches near your home, fences and other structures.

Clear your yard of rubbish and debris.  Remember that anything left outside could potentially become a projectile during high winds.

Other Ways to Be Prepared

Check your insurance cover: be sure that your home, contents are car insurance are all current and reflect adequate replacement value.  You should also check that your policy covers you for events relevant to your suburb (ie bushfires).

Ensure that you have supplies should you need them in an emergency.  This includes:

  • Torch and batteries
  • Battery operated radio
  • Water and storage containers
  • Tinned and non-perishable food, ie Rice, Pasta.
  • Spare fuel and/or gas (stored safely)
  • Camp stove and fuel for cooking without power.

Identify the strongest room in your house and plan to use as shelter in the event of a severe storm or cyclone.


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